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Testing Instructions

Click on any of the test groups below to download the instructions sheet (PDF format).


Instruction SheetCodeVersion
OC Pesticides in WaterC06A1.2
PCBs in WaterC06B1.3
PAHs in WaterC071.4
PCBs in OilC081.3
Metals on Air FilterC091.4
VOCs in WaterC161.5
Metals in SoilC171.4
PAHs in SoilC181.3
OP Pesticides in WaterC221.4
Aryloxy Acid Pesticides in WaterC241.4
Phenolic Compounds in WaterC251.4
Glyphosate in WaterC271.4
Aldicarb in WaterC291.4
BTEX and PHCs in SoilC31A1.2
PHCs in SoilC31B1.2
Oil and Grease in WaterC341.4
PCBs in SoilC351.3
VOCs in SoilC361.4
VOCs by TCLPC381.5
Metals/Anions/Cyanide in Soil (TCLP)C391.4
BTEX and PHCs in WaterC40A1.4
PHCs in WaterC40B1.2
Hexavalent ChromiumC411.4
Solids in SoilC431.4
Nutrients in SoilC441.4
Anions in SoilC451.4
Acidity in WaterC461.4
Haloacetic Acids in WaterC471.4
Hexavalent Chromium In SoilC741.4
Particle Size in SoilC751.4
Oil and Grease in SoilC761.4
Pesticides in SoilC771.4


Instruction SheetCodeVersion
Major Ions in WaterC01A1.3
Simple Nutrients in WaterC01B1.2
Metals (Full range) in WaterC02A1.6
Metals (High Range) in WaterC02B1.6
Metals (Total) in WaterC02C1.6
Complex Nutrients in WaterC031.6
Solids in WaterC04A1.2
BOD in WaterC04B1.7
Turbidity in WaterC04C1.2
COD in WaterC04D1.6
Microbiology in WaterC05A1.3
Microbiology (PA) in WaterC05B1.3
Toxicology in WaterC11 | C12 | C131.11
Cyanide in WaterC141.5
pH in WaterC151.3
Mercury in WaterC191.7
Chlorine in WaterC321.3
Total Phenolics in WaterC331.5
Colour in WaterC371.2
Sulphide in WaterC421.5
Potency in CannabisC701.4
Pesticides in CannabisC711.5
Metals in Cannabis SurrogateC721.5
Residual Solvents in Hemp OilC731.4
Water Activity and Moisture in HempC781.4
General notes

PT results must be reported in the units indicated, using the PTC Portal by midnight of the study deadline. Failure to report results by this time will not be accepted aft the deadline and an evaluation will not be provided. Provide information on results, date analyzed, and confirm that method is correct. PT samples must be treated with the same level of effort and workflow as the majority of client samples. Collusion or falsification of PT study data will result in withdrawal of PT recognition.

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