COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario has necessitated a revised PT schedule. More details here.

Shipment Schedule

2021 PT Sample Shipment Schedule (tentative dates)

Test groups, parameters, matrices, units and concentrations can found in PTC’s Catalog, document PAR02.

Please note that this shipment schedule was revised on February 12th, 2021.

2021 PT Schedule

Original PT RoundJAN 2021
JAN 2021
MAR 2021JUN 2021OCT 2021
Invoice / Ship NoticeInvoicedInvoicedInvoiced28 June23 Aug
Registration DeadlinePassedPassed30 Apr6 Aug4 Oct
Shipping25 Jan1 Mar **17 May23 Aug18 Oct
Reporting Deadline26 Feb2 Apr **18 Jun24 Sep19 Nov

2021 Asbestos Schedule (C20 Asbestos)

 JAN 2021MAR 2021JUN 2021OCT 2021 
Invoice / Ship Notice10 Nov 202011 Mar28 June16 Aug
Registration Deadline24 Dec 202030 Apr6 Aug27 Sep
Shipping11 Jan 202110 May16 Aug11 Oct
Reporting Deadline5 Feb 20214 June10 Sep5 Nov

* Refer to PT Catalogue for the original schedule of Individual Test Groups.

** These dates are based on the early lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario.

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