PTC is happy to announce that we have introduced PT for microbiology in cannabis surrogates. You can see details about the new schemes and apply here.


With the exception of government laboratories that have provided a valid purchase order, all fees must be paid in full, in advance. Failure to make payment will result in samples not being shipped. All fees are in Canadian dollars.

PTC offers a discount to Institutional members of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA).

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Pricing for Cannabis Laboratory Proficiency Testing

Test GroupCALA Member FeeNon-Member Fee
C70 Potency in Cannabis$420$550
C71 Pesticides in Cannabis$620$750
C72 Metals in Hemp$350$455
C73 Residual Solvents in Hemp Seed Oil$490$640
C78 Water Activity/ % Moisture in Hemp$200$260

General notes

For additional details on samples, including the concentration ranges, please view our catalogue.

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