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Cannabis Laboratory Proficiency Testing

Proficiency Testing Canada (PTC) is the only Canadian provider using real cannabis samples for potency and pesticide testing instead of spiked hemp.

Have increased confidence in your test results using matrices that more accurately reflect real-world samples.

Why Should Your Cannabis Laboratory Subscribe to Proficiency Testing?

Proficiency testing is a powerful quality assurance tool that enables laboratories to monitor their performance and anonymously compare their test results against other laboratories conducting the same cannabis tests.

How data is generated and used during proficiency testing:

  • Samples are shipped to participating laboratories based on the shipping deadlines.
  • These samples are processed by the testing laboratory using normal cannabis testing procedures.
  • Results are submitted to PTC by the deadlines indicated in the instructions.
  • Detailed confidential results are reported back to the testing laboratory.
  • Sample summary report containing detailed summary statistics and graphical representation of the data.
  • Laboratories can then compare their results against every other laboratory participating in the same round.
  • The data can be used to reinforce testing methods or allow laboratories to identify and make adjustments to their procedures.
  • Subsequent rounds of proficiency testing to provide continuous validation or refinement to your adjustments, can be continued.

Need Help Choosing a Proficiency Testing Provider?

Download a copy of our FREE ebook and learn more about choosing the right proficiency testing provider. For laboratories conducting cannabis testing, this guide will help you consider what options are available when choosing a cannabis proficiency testing provider for your laboratory.