COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario has necessitated a revised PT schedule. More details here.

January 2021 PT shipments delayed.

Due to the Ontario COVID restrictions, the staff of the Environment and Climate Change (ECCC) laboratory that produces and ships many of our PT samples are not able to enter their laboratory. As such, the samples that they produced for the January PT round will not ship on Monday, January 25 as currently scheduled.  However. the samples produced and shipped by Phenova will ship on schedule.

As ECCC has not yet produced any of the samples for the March PT round, these restrictions may also impact the scheduled shipping date for the March round.  When we have more information on changes to the current restrictions I will notify all participants of a rescheduled shipping date for ECCC samples.

Affected Samples

The PT samples that are affected are: C06A, C06B, C07, C08, C16, C17, C18, C31A, C31B, C35, C36, C38, C39, C40A, C40B, C43, C44 and C45.

PTC apologizes for any disruptions this may cause to your operations.  Unfortunately, this situation is out of our control.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email


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